Q4 Chef Newsletter!



We are coming to the last quarter here at Adkins & Cheurfi Recruitment, it has been another amazing year and a great success for us all. We are excited to finish the year off on a high with the busy festive period approaching! We are always on the lookout for more chefs! If you know a chef that is looking for temporary or permanent work, send them to us and receive a referral fee after the candidate has worked 6 consecutive weeks.


Just a few reminders …

All candidates MUST wear correct uniform before attending shifts. If you require any uniform, please inform your consultants and uniform will be sent out to you. We have enough stock of personalised chef whites, aprons, safety shoes, t-shirts, and trousers. Please contact your consultants if you need any uniform.

If you are going to have smoke breaks during your shift, it is vital that you wash your hands before returning to the kitchen.

 If you cannot attend your shift, you must follow the no show policy and contact your consultant immediately, let them know that you cannot attend and your reason why. If your consultant does not answer, please call the out of hours number 0191 516 6118 and let the member of staff know that you cannot attend the shift.


Timesheets are essential……

Timesheets must be filled out correctly (name, date, client/location, client contact) and ensure that they are signed by the client and yourself at the end of every shift. Timesheets must be sent by 10am on Monday to timesheets@adkinscheurfi.co.uk – Payroll closes at 12pm! Any timesheets that get sent after this or get sent to consultant phones or emails will not be getting processed and will result in delayed payments.


Have you sent in your certificate?

We are keeping on top of our compliance and have noticed there are still some candidates that have not sent us their Food Safety Certificates. Please send this over to myself or Jak via email as soon as possible salima@adkinscheurfi.co.uk or jak@adkinscheurfi.co.uk If your certificate has expired and you require a new one, please speak to your consultant and they can assist by putting you through the Level 2 Food Safety course – free of charge.

As always, we are here if you need any support or just need someone to talk to, please feel free to contact myself on 07946136378 or Jak on 07535064303.

Dean and Melika are always on hand to help with anything you need.

Thank you all again for all your help this year!

Chef Newsletter

Chef Newsletter

We are halfway through the year and coming up to one of the busiest times!

Your support has been amazing, and we can’t thank you enough for this.

We are still running the refer a friend incentive, if you know any chefs who want to join our agency, get them on board and receive a referral fee once the candidate has worked for 6 consecutive weeks.


We are also getting our compliance in order. Please send your Food Safety Certificates to myself salima@adkinscheurfi.co.uk or jak@adkinscheurfi.co.uk. These certificates are critical, and all chefs must present these. If you haven’t got your food safety certificate or if it is out of date, then we can assist by putting you through the Level 2 food safety course – free of charge.


As you already know Adkins & Cheurfi have had a few changes within the business. All candidates should now have the NEW Adkins & Cheurfi timesheets. If you don’t have the new timesheets, please ask your consultant and they will be sent some out to you.


Timesheets must be filled out and signed correctly at the end of every shift. All timesheets must state your name, date, client location and timesheets must be SIGNED by yourself and the client. Timesheets must be sent to timesheets@adkinscheurfi.co.uk – any timesheets that have been sent to consultants’ phones or emails will not be processed. All timesheets must be sent to the timesheets email by 10am NO LATER! Payroll now closes at 12pm, any timesheets sent after this will not be processed and pay will be delayed.

We look to continue growing the business, gain new clients and new candidates within North and South regions and expand in other areas, but we cannot achieve this without your support.

As always Dean and Melika are always on hand to help with anything, and you can always contact them directly.

Jak and I are also there if you need us, we will contact you weekly to check in and see how you are and what your availability is.

Overall, thank you for all your help so far and let’s continue to make this year a massive success for us all!


Salima & Jak.

P.S. Jak no longer has hair… Please feel free to send him any tips on how to protect his head.



Care & Education Newsletter 2023

Hello Everyone ,

Welcome to our first Care & Education Newsletter of 2023 and we hope you have all had a well-deserved easter break ! We have had a crazy busy start to the year and cant wait to see how things keep progressing moving into Q2.


The Care & Education team is still growing as fast as ever. I joined Adkins and Cheurfi in 2022 last year. Fast forward to now i have been promoted to a Trainee Recruitment Consultant within the Care & Education department. Many of you have probably spoken with me as I continue to manage the kitchen assistants in schools and care homes. All candidates have been hardworking and dedicated , and we are always on the hunt for more! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are looking for kitchen assistant work within the North East. Send your CV to chloe@adkinscheurfi.co.uk or alternatively call the office on 0191 5166 118.


I joined Adkins & Cheurfi in August 2021 as a business admin apprentice. Shortly after this , I was promoted in April 2022 to an apprentice consultant. During this period I looked after and managed the Kitchen Assistant desk. Most of you will have spoken with me regarding work. In January 2023 I got promoted to a Trainee Consultant. I now manage the chef desk for the Care & Education department. Candidates at Adkins & Cheurfi are amazing to manage and we always get positive feedback from our clients. As our team is growing each day we are always keen and looking for more chefs to join our agency in all aspects. If this is something you would be interested in please contact me at lucijo@adkinscheurfi.co.uk or call the office on 0191 5166 118.



Just a few more updates and reminders , regarding uniforms please have a read through our uniform policy 2023 (via website). Carry on sending all timesheets to timesheets@adkinscheurfi.co.uk and if you would like to complete your food safety certificate please dont hesitate to ask and we will send you the link.

Thank you from both of us for all of your hard work so far this year and we look forward to seeing how successful this year will be !



Care & Education Uniform Policy 2023


Welcome back all and happy new year. I hope you all had a nice break and are ready to get back to work. Here at Adkins and Cheurfi we feel this year is going to be a huge year for us all and we appreciate your continued support throughout.

At Adkins and Cheurfi health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do. To make sure that we adhere to all health and safety regulations the PPE policy is as follows.

Uniform Policies relating to KA’s.

  • You must wear all black in the kitchen.
  • Safety shoes are a requirement.
  • Little to no makeup should be worn.
  • Hair should be tied back at all times. (Some clients will request a skull cap to be worn)
  • No jewellery is allowed.

We will send everyone out 1 T-shirt free. I will keep a record if you have had one. Any additional T-shirts will be at a small cost of £5 and we are happy for this to be deducted from your wage.

Adkins and Cheurfi also offer one pair of safety shoes per year for candidates. If you need safety shoes and don’t have any please get in touch. Regarding kitchen safety pants the best place to purchase these would be amazon.

When travelling to work DO NOT travel in the kitchen clothes you are going to work in. You must travel in your own clothes and change when you arrive on site.

Uniform Policies relating to Chef’s:

As per kitchen assistants please do not travel in the clothes you will work in. This is a non-negotiable rule and is a policy here at Adkins and Cheurfi.

As most of you are aware, we do provide a chef jacket which is free of charge for your first one then a small cost of £10. If you are wanting a chef jacket with our logo on it, please email lucijo@adkinscheurfi.co.uk  back with your size and quantity.

Skills levels and training:

  • As a minimum any kitchen worker should have a food safety certificate or allergens. Please if you have one already send it over to either chloe@adkinscheurfi.co.uk or lucijo@adkinscheurfi.co.uk
  • If you don’t have one , as a company we offer a free level 2 food safety course. We will be willing to enroll anyone who doesn’t have one. Please feel free to email or text.

Thankyou from both of us for all of the hard work and dedication from both KA’s and Chefs. We look forward to seeing what 2023 brings us.

Chloe & Lucijo

Nursery cook

Is cooking your passion? Would you like to work as part of a vibrant, self-motivated team in an outstanding nursery in the center of Newcastle?

This nursery cook post entails working in partnership with the Head Cook in catering for 101 children aged 6 months to 5 years of age. The daily menu consists of a light mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and tea. Besides meeting daily nutritional requirements, meals served should provide a balanced diet for the children and be attractively presented.

The nursery cook is responsible for providing high-quality catering service to the organisation. Where necessary provide special diets including the dietary requirements of vegetarians and vegans. The cook has overall responsibility for the general organisation of the kitchen.

The hours are 37.5 per week. 8.30 am to 4.45 pm.


  • To plan a nutritionally well-balanced menu, which incorporates the daily dietary, needs of the very young child to be approved by the Manager.
  • To provide special diets for children as directed.
  • Receiving and checking deliveries of stock ordered and ensuring it is stored in the correct manner.
  • To operate high standards of hygiene and cleanliness at all times by ensuring strict adherence to the provisions of relevant food safety and health and safety instructions and by maintaining all associated records. To be responsible for reporting details of accidents within the kitchen to management staff.
  • To be responsible for the ordering of food supplies within the given budget. Ensure that all food is stored in the correct manner.
  • providing cover for the Head Cook during annual leave and whenever possible, during absences due to sickness.
  • Being responsible for the care and maintenance of all kitchen equipment and resources.
  • To establish and develop good working relationships with colleagues and parents encouraging dialogue, cooperation, and partnership.
  • To liaise and develop professional contacts and develop co-working practices with colleagues from other agencies who relate to the establishment e.g. Dietician, Environmental Health Officer.
  • Attend and participate in meetings as required by the Manager and Executive Committee, share information with colleagues, and show a willingness to give and accept support.
  • To constantly re-appraise professional performance and to participate in training courses. To keep informed of current food, health, and hygiene legislation and practices.
  • To participate in reviews of the establishments and their policies and philosophy and in developing development programs.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £22,950.00-£24,847.00 per year


  • 8-hour shift

Q4 Chef Newsletter

We are coming to the end of the year at Adkins & Cheurfi Recruitment, the year has been a great success for us all, we have gained new chefs and new clients and we are excited to finish the year off on a high with the busy festive period coming up. Your support this year has been second to none and we can’t thank you enough for that, we are still running our refer a friend incentive, so if you know of any chefs who want to come on board with us you will get your referral fee! Tell them to email jak@adkinscheurfi.co.uk or christian@adkinscheurfi.co.uk and we will look to get them registered and working with us.

As we grow at Adkins & Cheurfi we are always evolving and updating to make sure we stay at the forefront of what we do, with this we have updated our payroll and timesheets, we must stress that timesheets must be received no later than 11am on a Monday morning (as stated on the new timesheets), payroll will now be closing at 5pm Monday so any timesheet received after this will not be processed.

As we come into the Christmas period, we will be looking to you guys for your availability at Christmas, we have already sent out an email asking for what days you are available, If you could please reply to that asap and we can start to get you booked out. We will again be running our Christmas spin the wheel for you guys where we will put your names in to a hat for a chance to win a number of prizes.

We have once again grown our hospitality team here in the office with Salima starting with us in October, I’m sure most of you will have already had an email or phone call from Salima. She is currently working her way through all of the compliance for you guys, and I know that Food safety is at the top of her list, she has enrolled most of you now onto the food safety course so please check you emails and get these completed. If you are having issues logging on, please contact Salima on 07398 868593 or salima@adkinscheurfi.co.uk

Another reminder that if you are unable to make it into a shift, you must phone the office on 0191 5166118 a text message to your consultant will not suffice. The office phone is manned out of hours so a member of the team will always be there to take your call.


Regarding the growing team if you know of anyone available for Kitchen porter work or just general kitchen work, please just let me or my hospitality colleague, Rachel Stockdale, know and we will both be delighted to help.

As always Dean and Melika are always on hand to help with anything you need and you can always contact them direct.

Thank you all again for your help so far this year, we will continue to push to make this a massively successful year for us all!

Jak, Christian & Salima.

Q3 Chef Newsletter


We are halfway through the year here at Adkins & Cheurfi Recruitment and what a 6 months it has been, as communicated in our previous newsletter we felt that this could be a huge year for us all and we weren’t wrong! It feels as though the Hospitality sector is back to where it was pre Covid, and we don’t expect the demand and rush to slow down anytime soon. Your support so far this year has been second to none and we can’t thank you enough for that, the second half of the year is going to be just as 

demanding with the football and rugby season starting up again soon and the Christmas period also not far away and we are going to need your continued support! We are still running our refer a friend incentive, so if you know of any chefs who want to come on board with us you will get your referral fee! Tell them to email jak@adkinscheurfi.co.uk and we will look to get them registered and working with us.

As the demand for chefs all over the northeast continues to grow, we felt it was needed that we brought in extra to help with this growth. Christian Walker has come on board with us and will be looking after Chefs and Clients in the South Region. Christian is a highly experienced chef with over 15 years’ experience! He has gone full circle with us, from once being on our books working

with clients that most of you work with now to becoming a consultant within the business. We’re positive that you will welcome him warmly and have no doubt that he will be in touch with you offering shifts at new and existing clients. If you need to get in touch with him about anything you can contact him on 07496136378 or at christian@adkinscheurfi.co.uk 

Jak will now be looking after all clients in the North Region, this is from Sunderland all the way up to Scotland. He is looking to gain more clients in Scotland over the coming months, one of these which is currently happening at the moment is the 150th Open at St Andrews, where a group of chefs are up there now at one of the most prestigious golf events on the planet. Again, Jak will look to continue to grow the Adkins & Cheurfi footprint in the northeast and needs your continued support with this. If you need anything from Jak, you can get in touch with him on 07535064303 or at jak@adkinscheurfi.co.uk

As always Jak and Christian will be in touch weekly to discuss your availability, feel free to send over any spare days that you also have.

Regarding the growing team if you know of anyone available for Kitchen porter work or just general kitchen work, please just let me or my hospitality colleague, Rachel Stockdale, know and we will both be delighted to help.

As always Dean and Melika are always on hand to help with anything you need and you can always contact them direct.

Thank you all again for your help so far this year, we will continue to push to make this a massively successful year for us all!

Jak & Christian


Care & Education post Easter newsletter

Hi All

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter Break. Our school candidates will still be enjoying the extended time off – lucky them.

Just a few updates to mention. Going forward all timesheets should be emailed to timesheets@adkinscheurfi.co.uk

Can I remind everyone to email chloe@adkinscheurfi.co.uk to complete your food safety certificates. And also for uniform request. We have both Adkins & Cheurfi  branded t-shirts and Chef jackets available.

We would like to announce our recommend a friend programme. If you recommend another Chef or kitchen assistant to us and they join the Care & Education team, once they have worked for us for 4 weeks, you get a £50 reward. Everyone’s a winner! Recommendations should be emailed to me on danielle@adkinscheurfi.co.uk.

Were, also pleased to announce that we have recently secured 4 new care homes clients and 2 new schools in the past month. And we continue to grow on a weekly basis. We are now supplying staff to schools and care from the Scottish borders down to the midlands. And we are recruiting staff in all these areas too. If you reading this and are new to Adkins & Cheurfi you can register your details with us by clicking this link https://www.adkinscheurfi.co.uk/registration-form/

Just pop my name ‘Danielle’ in the consultant name box and this will ensure I receive it. We have a multitude of part time and full time positions in care homes and schools for Chefs, kitchen assistants, caretakers and cleaners. We would love to hear from you!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,


Care & Education Q1 Newsletter

Care & Education

Well hello there and welcome to the first ever Care & Education department newsletter!

Firstly I need to just say WOW. What a start to year. This has been the busiest few months I have ever spent in a workplace. Its been crazy, fun, stressful and exciting all in three months.

The Care & Education division at Adkins & Cheurfi has really grew on an unprecedented level this year and as a result we have subsequently recruited two new team members to join the department to support. Firstly we saw Lucijo join us in January and she has been amazing ever since. A lot of you have possibly already spoken with Lucijo as she is now taking on the management of payroll in the department and also managing our kitchen assistants in the schools and residential homes. She’s doing a fantastic job so far so do give her some kudos when you next speak to her. Going forward if you have any payroll queries you can contact Lucijo direct. Or if you are looking for work in the kitchen assistant area either in schools or in care homes Lucijo is definitely the girl to see. You can email Lucijo direct at lucijo@adkinscheurfi.co.uk or call 01915166118.

Secondly we welcomed the lovely Chloe who joined us in February. Chloe joins us as business administrator and makes sure all our back office procedures run smoothly. You will hear from Chloe when she is chasing you for any ID or compliance related documentation.  As our department has the responsibility of providing staff to sectors with vulnerable people – a responsibility we take very seriously – we regularly audit ourselves and ensure that everything is tip top and up to date. As part of our dedication to looking after our clients and candidates. We are now offering to provide free of charge Food & Hygiene Safety Level 2 training. This is an accredited certificate that can be added to your CV. You should of received an email inviting you take to take part. If you haven’t got your email do get in touch with Chloe, as Chloe will manage this going forward.

We are also excited to announce our new Adkins & Cheurfi Uniform. This includes branded Chef jackets and polo t-shirts for our kitchen assistants. As candidates we are proud of you, you are part of the Adkins & Cheurfi team and we want to let people know! Again you should of received an email about this and how to get your new uniform. If you have missed this do let Chloe now as she will be managing the department uniforms. Chloe can be reached at chloe@adkinscheurfi.co.uk or by calling 01915166118.

I am proud to announce that we are now the biggest provider of staff to the Care & Education sector in the North East. We supply all the major care home groups and nearly every Education Academy Trust. And we are getting bigger – we are spreading our stronghold to reach areas as far as the midlands, Cumbria and the Scottish borders. We are taking over the entire North. This is not only because of the hard work of the team in the office but its also a huge credit to our candidates who go out and represent Adkins & Cheurfi with the utmost skill and professionalism. So from myself and the team in the office – A massive thank you.

Myself, well I continue on working directly with our specialised Chef team whilst managing the day to day running of the department with support from Dean and Melika. I am constantly on the hunt for new chef talent so feel free to contact me direct if you are interested in any of the temporary or permanent positions we have available. Or if you would like to recommend a chef to me – I am always open to suggestions. Contact me at danielle@adkinscheurfi.co.uk or call 07398739539.

We have so many more exciting opportunities coming the way in the next few months but I don’t want to rattle on. So for now I shall just once again, thank you and well done.



Chef Newsletter

What is the plan for 2022?


We are very excited for the year ahead of us here at Adkins & Cheurfi, with the rules around COVID being relaxed, it feels as though we are heading back to normality in the world of hospitality. We are always on the hunt for new chefs to come on board with us as our client list just keeps on growing, we are still giving £50 for any chef referrals and would encourage you guys to let any chefs you know about the advantages of working here at Adkins & Cheurfi!

Our live in roles are already starting to come through again with an uplift of requirements at the end of February, beginning of March, please get in touch with us if this is something that you are wanting to do. Our local work is starting to pick up now and clients are getting in touch with us to book out work. We are also getting all of our compliance in order, if you have your Food Safety Level 2 Certificates please forward them on to myself jak@adkinscheurfi.co.uk if you haven’t got your food safety level 2 this is something that we can assist with and we can put you through the course. At no cost to yourselves.

Places are limited though, and your food safety certification is becoming critical with bookings so please let me know immediately if you need the free course or you can provide your certificates. We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on any work.

As mentioned before, we are very excited for the year ahead and we also have several contracts becoming available including ongoing live in positions and placements on Movie sets and on the circuit this summer touring with bands and artists, again just contact me to learn more.

Overall, I believe this could be one of our biggest and best years to date, but we need your continued help to make this possible.

A big thank you for all your efforts last year and the beginning of this year. Together we can make this a great year for us all!

Regarding the growing team if you know of anyone available for Kitchen porter work or just general kitchen work, please just let me or my hospitality colleague, Lucy Connolly, know and we will both be delighted to help.

And finally, as ever, Dean and Melika are always available if you wish to speak with them direct

If you guys need anything in the meantime from me, please just get in touch and I will help with anything that I can.