The Auckland Project

Case study

The Auckland Project


The Auckland Project is a regeneration charity working to establish Bishop Auckland as a must-visit cultural destination. It is well known for its unique collection of heritage attractions, galleries and parkland all centered around Auckland Castle.

Adkins & Cheurfi, with their extensive expertise in the hospitality recruitment sector, was approached by The Auckland Project for their hospitality recruitment needs, primarily due to their industry knowledge, reputation and successful track record.



The collaboration between The Auckland Project and Adkins & Cheurfi did not come without its challenges:

  • Extended Initial Discussions: Due to prolonged talks and pandemic-related lockdowns, it took years before recruitment efforts could commence.
  • Balanced Recruitment: Striking the right balance to avoid over or under-recruitment was crucial.
  • Attracting the Right Candidates:Engaging with suitable candidates for specialised roles was a significant hurdle.
  • Competitive Compensation Packages: Offering attractive salary and benefits packages for various roles was imperative to attract quality candidates.



Solutions and Results

Adkins & Cheurfi successfully overcame these challenges with a series of strategic solutions:

  • Leveraging Existing Talent Pool: Utilising their extensive talent pool and industry connections, Adkins & Cheurfi quickly sourced suitable candidates, efficiently supporting The Auckland Project recruitment within their hospitality team.
  • Flexible Staffing Solutions: As a temporary and permanent staffing agency, they provided relief cover as and when required, showcasing their ability to adapt to the client’s fluctuating needs.
  • Supporting the opening of the Park Head Hotel and Major Events: Over two years, Adkins & Cheurfi supplied a large team of event staff, including chefs, front-of-house personnel, and team leaders, contributing significantly to the success of the sister chairty, Eleven Arches and the show Kynren, which attracts thousands of visitors to Bishop Auckland each year.




The partnership between The Auckland Project and Adkins & Cheurfi illustrates the power of tailored recruitment solutions in the hospitality sector. By overcoming initial challenges and adapting to the unique needs of The Auckland Project, Adkins & Cheurfi demonstrated their capability to not only provide immediate staffing solutions but also contribute to long-term event success. This collaboration is a testament to their commitment to understanding and meeting the specific needs of their clients in the dynamic hospitality and events industry.




This case study showcases Adkins & Cheurfi’s ability to navigate complex recruitment challenges and deliver customised solutions. Their success with The Auckland Project serves as an excellent example of their expertise in the hospitality recruitment sector, highlighting their role as a key player in supporting and enhancing the operations of significant cultural and heritage events.