Kielder Waterside

Case study

Kielder Waterside


Kielder Waterside, located in Northumberland, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and a wide range of events, including the Kielder Marathon, Tipi Weddings, and the Winter Wonderland. Since 2016, Adkins & Cheurfi has been a trusted partner, providing comprehensive staffing solutions for the Bar & Restaurant on site and various events throughout the year. Kielder Waterside is owned and operated by Northumbrian Water, it is on the site of the largest man-made lake in northern Europe, Kielder Reservoir.



The partnership between the Kielder Waterside and Adkins & Cheurfi involved addressing several key challenges:

  • Year-Round Staffing Needs: Ensuring a consistent supply of qualified staff, such as chefs, kitchen porters, front-of-house staff, and wedding/event personnel, throughout the year.
  • Support During Large Events: Managing the increased demand for staff during large-scale events like the Kielder Marathon and Winter Wonderland.
  • Post-COVID-19 Reopening: Assisting Kielder Waterside in returning to full operation following the COVID-19 pandemic, including navigating the complexities of staffing and safety protocols.
  • Career Development: Facilitating the transition of temporary staff to permanent roles and supporting their career advancement.


Solutions and Results

Adkins & Cheurfi effectively addressed these challenges through a series of strategic initiatives:

  • Consistent Year-Round Support: Leveraging a robust talent pool, Adkins & Cheurfi ensured that Kielder Waterside had access to skilled staff year-round, providing continuity and stability for their operations.
  • Event-Specific Staffing: By supplying specialised teams for large events, Adkins & Cheurfi helped ensure the seamless execution of high-profile occasions like the Kielder Marathon and Tipi Weddings, enhancing the overall guest experience.
  • Post-Pandemic Recovery: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Adkins & Cheurfi supported Kielder Waterside’s reopening efforts by providing necessary staff and ensuring that affected candidates received support, including payments outside of the Furlough scheme.
  • Career Progression: Several temporary staff placed by Adkins & Cheurfi transitioned to permanent positions, with many advancing to management and senior-level roles, demonstrating the long-term impact of the partnership.



The long-standing partnership between Kielder Waterside and Adkins & Cheurfi exemplifies the importance of reliable and adaptable staffing solutions in the hospitality and events sector. Through consistent support, tailored staffing for major events, and commitment to staff development, Adkins & Cheurfi significantly contributed to the success and growth of the Kielder Project.



This case study highlights Adkins & Cheurfi’s ability to provide sustained, high-quality staffing solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of their clients. Their collaboration with Kielder Waterside underscores their role as a trusted partner in the hospitality industry, capable of supporting both day-to-day operations and special events while fostering the career development of their staff.